Monday, October 10, 2011

Review: Smiths Vegemite Chips

On the 7th of October 2011, I was perusing Coles in Carlingford with my mum when I noticed these smiths chips: Vegemite flavoured! At first I just walked past them thinking them to be a cruel joke of some sort but as I walked through every aisle of the store I couldn't stop thinking about them.

Could it be? Two of my favourite types of food (chips and Vegemite in case you were confused) put together to make one superior flavour experience? On the way out of the checkout, I did the classic impulse buy and threw a packet of Vegemite chips on the conveyor belt.

When I got home, I opened the bag. Aroma: a regular plain chip with a hint of Vegemite saltiness.

Eating experience: Very pleasant. Knowing that Vegemite is quite a strong flavour (this coming from someone who likes Vegemite on their toast thick) I feared that the flavour would be too overpowering and I was unsure if I could get through the 90g NET bag by myself (because Rob was certainly not going to have a try for himself). Though I was pleasantly surprised that as I got to the end of the bag, my tastebuds were still working and longing for more. The flavour is subtle enough that you don't feel like you are eating spoonfuls of Vegemite but by some act of ingenious they have been able to recreate that Vegemite tingly aftertaste.

If you like chips and you like Vegemite - you'll love Vegemite chips. As the packaging says "The ultimate Aussie flavour combo."

Cost: Personally too expensive for me at around $1.50 for the 90g (can't remember the exact cost)

For a limited time only (the grapevine tells me 12 weeks) and exclusive to Coles and Bi-Lo.

Highly recommended to Vegemite lovers - it will be an eating experience to remember.


Amina said...
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Nerdy Girl said...

That sounds like a weird chip combo (partially since I've never eaten Vegemite)!